Brian -

Owner - Operator - Fixer - Maker of malty beverages

Brian has been many things; a sailor, an electrician, a door-to-door sales guy, Christmas tree trimmer, detasseler, father, student, and many other things. Brian has an affinity for fixing things. If it is broken he can fix it! Don't let the beard fool you he also has a master's degree in business. A personable owner you may just find him sweeping or bussing tables on any given day in the brewery when he is not buried in paperwork and navigating the wheel for Old Ellsworth Brewing Company.

Favorite style of beer - Barleywine or anything barrel aged

Favorite kind of beer - #1-Free #2-Cold

From - Delavan, Illinois

Likes - Long walks through the brewery on the way to getting a beer.

Dislikes - Long stories, short beards, orange hubcaps, and clouds shaped like Chuck Noris

Favorite menu item - Irish egg rolls and Mac 'n' cheese with eggs