Jason -

General Manager - Head Taster - Controller of Chaos

Jason orchestrates the day to day activity of the brewery. He wipes the noses and powders the butts! No really he handles our greatest resource, the employees. He hand picks all of the beer wrangling talent to ensure our vision and mission are met with every table. Jason also loves to taste beer. Jason can be found exposing, running food, filling ice bins, greeting customers, touching tables, or anything that needs to be done to make sure the brewery operates smoothly and keep our customers happy!

Favorite style of beer - Sour or sour or anything aged for 4-5 years

Favorite kind of beer - Sour

From - Compton, CA

Likes - Mountain Dew, 5 Hour Energy, Jordans, regulating the regulators, and ponies

Dislikes - Pointy chins, beet juice, wasting time, crooked pictures, taxes and carrots

Favorite menu item - Green Chile grilled cheese