Robert -

Owner - Chef - Spatula Warrior - User of knives and stuff

Robert is the brain behind the menu. His experience and skill made him so c=valuable to the team the others owners voted him onto the island permanently. He creates the recipes and heads up our kitchen team. Robert comes from a restaurant life. He has been cooking and cleaning since he was just a little hop a long malt ball. Robert loves making good food and trying to make sure something you don't like turns into something you do! Robert is the mastermind behind all of our edibles.

Favorite style of beer - IPA or dealer's choice

Favorite kind of beer - Carbonated

From - Cleveland, Ohio

Likes - Italy, Italian things, Countries shaped like boots, cold AC, bearded friends and tacos

Dislikes - Bathroom naps, broken refers, food waste, armpit hair and tater tot salad

Favorite menu item - Tuesday Special: Two Tacos, Tots and Twelve ounce pour for Ten bucks