Ryan -

Owner - Mash Technician - Top Shelf Steward - Beer Guru

Ryan is the paddle behind the mash tun. He creates the recipes and heads up our brewing team. Master Brewer? We think we will just dub him Head Brewer. Ryan is really good at making beer. Ryan can see the top of almost everything in the brewery. He is tall. Most days Ryan will be cleaning....that is pretty much the focus of commercial brewing. Ryan loves his job and cannot wait to make beer for all.

Favorite style of beer - Yes

Favorite kind of beer - The one that goes in a pint glass. Make sure it goes in a glass

From - Chandler, AZ

Likes - Playing jump rope, Ice cream sammies, Hanson, the smell of cookies and gasoline

Dislikes - Biography sections on websites, wedgies, tight shoes, and dogs that only like dogs

Favorite menu item - The Uber add avocado